Hello 2018.


I love the start of everything. The morning of a day, the flight-booking part for a trip, every time I open a new snack pack and the beginning of a year. Sometimes all you need is to start something new and trust again the magic of beginnings.

I am not sure how I would define the year of 2017 of my own. I left my job (yes, again) of almost 3 years and have been sorta not working for the last 8 months, and it is frightening; yet I had a solo travel to Beijing, one trip in Seoul, my two new favroutie cities, and another two getaways to the south and one of the islands of Taiwan; I helped a dear friend set up her kids' design e-commerce website and have been engaging in the world of the little ones, with the identity of neither a mother myself nor a mother-to-be.

2017, I just couldn't wait to say goodbye to it, okay, I guess this is how I would define the year. "Thank you for coming, but it's time for you to leave." The uncertainty has never been something that I adore and I had been hospitable for a quite while.

Here 2018 is. I found my new crush at the New Year's Eve party, another good reason to have a good year.

Hi, hello, 2018. Welcome and make yourself at home.

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